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Twin Ram Baler

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Mixed PET and HDPE

How Berry Global Maximised Efficiency & Throughput with a Twin Ram Baler


Berry Global is a global plastics packaging manufacturer with locations worldwide. They needed a fast and efficient way to bale mixed PET and HDPE plastics in one of their UK recycling plants. We worked closely with their plant builder McDonald International to meet their requirements.

Our Solution

We supplied our Samson twin ram baler model. This particular model has an 80T compaction force and is powered by a very efficient 37kW hydraulic power unit. It comes with wire tie and machine data reporting which is standard with all REP-TEC twin ram models.

Baling Plastics
Compaction Force
Hydraulic Power Unit
Plastic Bottles Baled

Other solutions we implemented were:

Adjustable Wire Tie

With the Samson model, the customer can now program in their preferred wire tie option to suit their bale type. The number and spacing of each wire tie can be modified and double straps are also possible.

Design & Customisations

We worked closely with McDonald International, the plant builder, to ensure that the baler was designed to efficiently handle the mixed PET and HDPE plastics coming into the plant through a chain conveyor system. We successfully made several customisations to the baler to ensure that it suited their facilities. 

Machine Data Reporting

This model comes complete with a touch screen display with programmable material settings. This ensures that the customer is getting the best throughput and bale weights each different type of plastic baled. All of our twin ram baler models allow access to real-time performance data.


We ensured a smooth and hassle-free installation process for the customer. On-site testing and training were conducted, and we made sure that the customer was completely satisfied before concluding our work.

Structured PPM Schedule

We developed a structured PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) schedule for the customer along with a recommended spare parts package. This will ensure the customer experiences little to no downtime with their new machine. 

Twin Ram Installation at Berry Plastics

Customer Benefits

Since installing the Samson twin ram baler, Berry Global has experienced significant improvements in efficiency and throughput.

Fully automatic baler installation
High Density Bales

The twin ram baler comes with a separation door as standard, so expansive materials such as PET can be baled with full force - resulting in very consistent and uniform bales. These bales produced at Berry Global are of a high density, making them easier to handle and transport, resulting in cost savings. 

Processing Various Types of Plastics Quicker

Our twin ram baler is ideal for applications with multiple material waste streams. As Berry Global are baling various types of plastics, it means one particular material stream can be baled off and ejected before switching to the next.

High Throughputs

With its large capacity and high compaction force, the baler is processing more materials in a shorter amount of time, leading to reductions in storage and transportation costs.

Reduced Labour Costs

The fully automatic system allows for unattended operation, reducing labour costs while increasing productivity. 

Overall, the investment in the Samson twin ram baler has led to a more efficient and cost-effective recycling process for Berry Global.

What the Customer Says

"We are extremely satisfied with our new baler's performance. The baler is consistently delivering excellent results. We were really impressed with the hassle-free installation process. The REP-TEC team was very professional and efficient during the installation process. They made sure to adhere to all health and safety regulations, which was reassuring as we had a lot of contractors on site at the time. They were in and out of the site quickly, leaving the place clean and tidy. They have provided us with all the necessary support and guidance and I would highly recommend a REP-TEC baler to anyone looking for reliable and high-quality baling equipment."


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